• Photo Collection “About Love, Trip with no Destination, Lingering Light”

    Issued by: Kyushu Sangyo University Art Museum
    Date of Issue: 2017
    Book Design: Satoshi Machiguchi
    Dimensions: 186×130mm
    Number of Pages: 192+96 (2 book set)
    Binding: Soft cover
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    This book is a picture record that was published together with Sakiko Nomura’s photo exhibition “About Love, Trip with no Destination, Lingering Light” that was held at the Kyushu Sangyo University Faculty of Fine Arts Art Museum in 2017.
    It is composed of photographs selected from the numerous previous photo collections she has released to date, including “Hadaka no Jikan,” “Kurayami” and “Yakan Hiko,” as well as unreleased photographs taken during Nomura’s trips and daily life.
    The picture record and the text are separated into two different books, and contributions were received from Koshi Ueno (commentator), Tatsushi Omori (film director), Ritsuko Oda (Art Space Baku), Kin’ichi Obinata (Photography/film research, photo archivist), Yuu Kusayanagi (erotic novelist) and Jun Nakagomi (Kyushu Sangyo University Art Museum).