• Book Fair “Where Art and Literature Meet”

    Period: February 16th ~March 25th 2018 11:00 -20:30
    Venue: la kagu 2F soko(67 Yaraicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

    Collaboration, homage, friendship and work relationships. They differ in form, but in all times and in all places, when art and literature meet, a great many works are created, and that lineage continues to this day.
    One of these is the series “Japanese Photographs and Japanese Modern Literature” that has been worked on since 2014 by the publishing label “M” sponsored by the graphic designer Satoshi Machiguchi.
    This series packages into overwhelmingly beautiful books the new spaces created when the two different genres of photography and literature meet. The five titles that have been released so far have been broadly ranging in terms of genre, generation and nationality, and these could be said to be the Japanese book currently receiving the most attention.
    This time, at SOKO Space, it is possible to glimpse the world views of Daido Moriyama and Sakiko Nomura from their photographs extracted from the series “Japanese Photographs and Japanese Modern Literature.” In addition, we at la kagu have drawn an expanded correlation chart based our interpretations of the meeting of art and literature derived from this. We hope your encounter here will develop within you as a new correlation chart.
    (la kagu)