• Talk Show “Satoshi Machiguchi and Sakiko Nomura”

    Date and Time: March 11th (Sun.) 2018 16:00-17:30
    Capacity: 20 participants
    Participation Fee: \ 1,500
    Venue: BOOKS f 3
    2-1-17 Nuttari-higashi, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi
    TEL: 025-288-5375


    A discussion event will be held between the photographer Sakiko Nomura and Satoshi Machiguchi, the designer and publisher of the photo collection, ahead of the Niigata Exhibition of Sakiko Nomura’s Photo Exhibition “Ango,” scheduled to be held at the Sakyukan from April 13th (Fri.) to May 13th (Sun.) in order to commemorate the release of the photo collection “Sakiko Nomura: Ango” (Photographs by Sakiko Nomura and text from Ango Sakaguchi’s Senso to Hitori no Onna (uncensored version).
    The photographer and art director will talk about the process of creating the photo collection from their personal perspectives. We hope to make it an occasion in which you can come into contact with the way a photographer and art director think.
    (BOOKS f 3)