• Photo Collection “Ango/Sakiko”

    Text: Ango Sakaguchi
    Photographs: Sakiko Nomura
    Book Design: Satoshi Machiguchi
    Issued by: bookshop M
    Sold by: shashasha
    Date of Issue: August 15th, 2017
    Dimensions: 150×213mm(Modified A5 Size)
    Number of Pages: 204 (Number of Photographs: 69)
    Binding: Twist cover
    ISBN: 978-4-908647-05-5(Japanese version)
    ISBN: 978-4-908647-06-2(English version)
    ISBN: 978-4-908647-04-8(German version)
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    This book adds photographs taken by Sakiko Nomura to the novelette Senso to Nitoti no Onna (uncensored) written by Ango Sakaguchi and released in 1946. This “book” has been newly edited and bound.
    (bookshop M)